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Welcome to the South Florida Literary Journal. We welcome submissions from adults and youth. We seek poetry, short stories, and essays. Send us your most beautiful words — inspiring, evocative, innovative, and/or enlightening. We will post prompts regularly, but submissions need not be responsive to our prompts. See our submission guidelines for details.

Summer Youth Writing Contest

Opens June, 21, 2022, closes September 5, 2022

The topic for our Summer Youth Writing Challenge is The Pandemic. Writers ages 18 and under are invited to submit their work relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. We welcome poetry, essays, or short stories regarding any aspect of the pandemic and its effects. We particularly welcome stories of hope, help, and triumph, but all insights are invited. Please include your name and age with your submission.

Submissions may be published here. The first prize is $100.


Please see our Submissions Guidelines page before submitting. Works not in compliance with the guidelines may not be considered. Send submissions to

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Blue, by Bella Garcia

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The South Florida Literary Journal welcomes submissions from South Florida residents and from all people everywhere.